About us

SnuggyBunny Clothing

I began to sew out of sheer frustration with high street clothing stores, I at the time had a 9 month old baby who had just grown out of the baby section in clothing and all i could find where adult looking boring blues blacks and greys for little boys, this saddened and frustrated me greatly, so I learnt how to sew colourful, comfortable, kid looking kids clothes, for my son, driven by literally everyone we encountered i began to show my makes online and realised there was a large demand for them, so in 2018 SnuggyBunny clothing was born,

A handmade clothing business that believes children should have the opportunity to be children, to express themselves in their surroundings, not being restricted by the garments they wear, they have their whole lives to dress like grown ups but such a short time to dress like kids.

Our products are comfortable  allowing freedom of movement.

Our prints are fun and childlike, printed on high quality cotton rich fabrics allowing the skin to breathe.

 All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified so no nasty chemicals 

 I hand make all garments with the exception of the new 'SB Matchy' range which i hand design and hand finish to match our ranges.

 Our SnuggyBunny designer range has been fully designed and made by myself including the fabric which i have custom printed.

 Beautiful fun childlike unisex prints, many designed by myself, sure to incite imaginations without limits, 

 All of my garments where appropriate are cut unisex


Young children have no differences in body shape until puberty but high street stores cut girls clothe skimpy and boys roomy, our garments are cut for comfort.


 Your children will love SnuggyBunny garments as they give the freedom and  comfort to move.

 You will love them as the fabrics are very high quality with very minimal washfade or shrinkage and ethically made to very high standards by myself.